Friday, March 17, 2017

Nike apologise: Chinese customers not happy:

Many Chinese consumers remain satisfied with Nike's apology for false advertising, demanding the company to be more serious and sincere to Chinese consumers. After being recently accused by China Central Television (CCTV)of selling shoes that didn't include the advertised cushions, US sports giant Nike apologized via its Sina Weibo account amid a public outcry. While admitting the wrong description with regard to the Hyperdunk 2008 FTB shoes, Nike apologized and offered to refund the money for the shoes priced 1,499 yuan ($217) in China. Consumers can apply for a compensation up to three times the original price, according to China's law. Nike wrote in the statement that the company will "provide" 4,500 yuan to buyers, without specifying what the payment is for. However, many consumers wrote online that they are not satisfied with the offer, and went further by accusing Nike of taking a "double standard" and "discriminatory policy" toward Chinese consumers, such as setting different standards in terms of commodity quality, after-sales service and product recalls in China. Some Net users also questioned why Nike did not specify the 4,500 yuan as compensation, saying the company's apology is not sincere. In 2012, the company was fined 4.87 million yuan by Beijing's commerce authority after it advertised a high-end basketball shoe as double air cushioned while the footwear sold in China in 2011 only contained one air cushion.

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