Sunday, May 6, 2007

No torch for Vancover

To herald the opening of next year's games in Beijing, the ceremonial Olympic torch will be carried around the world from Greece to Asia and then to Europe and North America and back to China. However the torch will not be carried through Vancouver (venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics). Observers are unsure whether this is an embarrassing oversight by the organisers or a political gesture as the relationship between China and Canada widens. The continuing rise of China's exports effects countries like Canada who are concerned at the future of their manufacturing industries and its likely decline. Canadian consumers enjoy less expensive Chinese-made sporting equipment, footwear, clothes and consumer electronics but these imported goods are undercutting domestic manufacturers both in their domestic sales and in their exports to the U.S. The onslaught of low-cost Chinese goods is partly responsible for the loss of 250,000 manufacturing jobs in Canada, according to the CLC, which argues that the federal Conservatives have paid little attention to the decline in one of the country's most important sectors.

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