Monday, February 19, 2007

Mileno to shod the Australians

In the ancient Olympics the wives of competitors were kept from being spectators because the presence of females in the stadium was thought to defile Greece’s oldest religious shrine. The irony of course was the shrine was dedicated to Rhea, the mother of Gods. Females found watching the events were thrown over a nearby cliffs of Mount Typaeum! After Pherenike , the mother of Pisodorus was caught dressed as a judge a law was passed requiring all judges to appear naked. Good thing then everything has changed and in the modern games everyone goes to see what everyone else is wearing, especially the participants. In the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, the Australian Olympic Team will be sporting shoes made by Mileno at the Opening Ceremony and Formal occassions. Mileno will produce two thousand pairs of shoes for potential members of the Team. Mileno was established in Beijing 1989 and now has over 120 outlets in China and 40 outlets in Beijing alone. The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony will be held on the 8/8/2008, with the number eight considered lucky by the Chinese.

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